When it comes to pasta, you really can’t go wrong, that is, unless you are one can of whole tomatoes short!

Start off by browning the ground beef with a little salt and pepper. While this is happening, dice 3 cloves of garlic, one carrot and onion, respectively. When the meat is done, remove from pot and set aside. In that pot, pour in some sherry or wine, just a little to deglaze all that browned goodness; then throw in the garlic til it smells, then onions til they tender, and carrots so they soften. Let them cook for awhile, and open that can of whole tomatoes – if you have two, use two, because it feels short with just one, especially if you’re using the whole of a typical container of ground beef-500 grams. Smash up the tomatoes with the back of spoon and throw the meat back in. Let that simmer for awhile so the flavours all come together. While this is happening, make your pasta! When it’s all done and good, salt and pepper to taste before plating. EAT!