A Meal For Your Father

So it turns out that cooking decent food isn’t always an affordable hobby, which means I’ve been eating buckets of pasta lately.  However, this past weekend I went to the parents’ home for Father’s Day and had a true Argentinean meal of mostly meat and maybe a tomato.

Garlic BreadHere is a brutal picture of what is a homemade garlic bread (right) crafted by my grandmother.  It was composed of garlic butter, cheese and (i think?) mushrooms.  I’m a bit foggy about that.  Maybe Nat can correct me on this one.  The left is what was left of my chorizo sandwich when I had the idea to take pictures of all this food.  The Chorizo Sandwich was Chorizo, some lettuce and bread.

MorcillaI followed that up with some Morcilla.  Morcilla is also called Blood Sausage.  Many people (girls in my family) think this is gross, but it’s actually one of the more fascinating things I’ve eaten with my family.  I don’t know how they’re made, but I’m sure it’s not an appetizing processes.  We barbecued these on a low heat for about 30 minutes.  When it’s served, you cut open the skin (it looks like a black sausage) and just eat the insides.  It’s an interesting combo of savory and sweet.

Potatoes and Spinach ThingNext I had some potatoes and sweet potatoes that were baked in the oven.  Oil, salt and pepper, good timing.  You’d have to ask my mom.  Beside those is a spinach thing made with… i don’t know.  Eggs and/or potatoes?  Again, made by my grandma, and I’m fairly in the dark about it.  Might be called a Fritata…  Nat?

VacioHere is a slice of Vacio and a piece of bbq’d chicken.  The Vacio is a hunk of meat about the size of your head.  You grill on a bbq for a long time at a low heat, flipping rarely.  When we first flipped it (20-30 minutes in?) my dad brushed some chimichurri onto to the cooked side.  When the other side cooked, he brushed more chimichurri onto it.  The chicken is standard stuff.  Cook chicken with the skin on at a low heat for a long time.  The key to both these things is to not let fire touch them.  Sometimes when the grease jumps out of these meats and hits the grill, small flames lick the meats.  Keep an eye out and don’t let this happen.

AsadoHere is some asado, which today was basically some ribs.  These cook relatively quickly, at a medium heat I’d say.  Quickly in my family means 15-20 minutes.  It’s a fatty meat that shrinks as the fat sizzles off.  Of course, that’s one of very reasons that this stuff is more delicious than any steak you’ll eat on this continent.

FruitsIt would be a family event if my mom didn’t try and match the amount of food we eat with fruit.  Which is totally fine by me.  My occasionally sane grandpa sits in the background.

And there you have it.  Father’s day with my family.